Heart center in Yinchuan - China

yinchuan juin 2017

On June 22nd, 2017, the Ningxia Medical University, China, conferred upon professor A. Kalangos the position of "visiting professor" for his contributions in setting up an academic pediatric and congenital heart center in Yinchuan, China, aiming at training cardiac surgeons. By the same occasion, he has visited the museum of Hui Traditional Medicine located at the University campus and put some words in the official book of the museum expressing the importance of Chinese Medicine in the treatment of some diseases using natural way


Professeur KalangosGive hope to hundreds of children in the world.

The "Hearts for All" Association was founded on 2 July 1998 in Geneva by Professor Afksendiyos Kalangos heart surgeon , as well as by a group of doctors, nurses and cardiovascular technicians. This non-profit association, active in developing countries , in the care of children with congenital or acquired heart disease. This support is tailored to the health needs of each applicant country.


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Founded in 2012 by Annabel Lavielle , Global Heart Network Foundation is the first international foundation to have set link the health actors in the field of care cardiology and cardiac surgery in the world , in order to benefit children in low- and middle-income to high care technologie.

GHN is a participatory platform that connects families and children cardiac seekers and diverse stakeholders involved .


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Since 2003, the humanitarian organization  "Hearts for All" organized the Global Forum in partnership with the University Hospital of Geneva and OMS support . The Congress is organized in order to address key questions facing many developing countries, including the lack of financial, material and human resources . These problems are often compounded by unfavorable economic conditions and the exile of qualified personnel.